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If you're building a full size replica of your favorite frozen smuggler popsicle and need some parts, here's a shop with almost everything you'll need for the highest accuracy HiC build possible.

Woah there's a lot here. Where do I start?

Well, that depends on how accurate of a build you plan to pursue. I suggest you check out this build video so you can get a feel for all of the steps of the build.

Here's a list of everything you could possibly need to get it as perfect as possible. 

Box kit - this is a 12 piece wooden kit that allows you to build the ~2.5'x7' wonky frame Han is encased in. It's got funky angles on purpose to match the screen used prop as well as perfect side cutouts for the control panels. This is the number one recommended purchase as it'll save you tons of time, even if you already are a skilled woodworker.

8 Side Panels - these are the 8 plastic parts that go on the sides of Han. They are injection molded Volvo dashboard panel replicas. You'll need eight of them, four per side. They get decorated with all sorts of components, decals and lights. Extensive work was done to recreate this perfectly and you won't find a more accurate or less expensive version.

Pre-cut Backings - This is almost considered a must buy if you get the panels from me. It's metal backings for the panels that fir perfectly and close over the windows in the panels, so you have a surface to attach the greeblies to.

Decal and window pack - This pack contains all the stickers you need, as well as the plastic for the window openings on the first panel (top right, by Han's left ear.) It has holes cut out for lights, sold elsewhere. Some people choose to build a second hero panel as alternate panel 5, (the one by Han's right ear, top left.) IF you plan on doing this, you should order two sets of this window pack.

Greeblies - Greeblies are little detail pieces that get put on the side panels. These are screws, rings, clips, discs, nipples etc. all that go on the sides of the prop. Meticulous research and recreation has gone into identifying and producing these components. If you're not as die hard as some, you might decorate the side panels however you like, but if you're dead-set on accuracy like many are in this hobby, you'll want to get these so you can have your prop be as close to the real thing as you can. We offer a master pack which comes with all the greeblies you need, which are around 100 metal greeblies and the free plastic ones, or you can pick and choose which ones you want. These metal greeblies include the 20 u-clips, nuts and bolts, 10 cups, 18 rings, 4 small tubes, 6 D-discs and metal grills. The plastic parts are the nipples, t-sliders, and several other plastic parts.

Display Base - This is totally optional but looks very cool. It's a wooden base kit to mount your HiC freestanding at a con, or just display it nicely by a wall. The base has a similar pattern to the Bespin freezing chamber, and comes with lights and diffuser material to get a very impressive glow.

Electronics for panel #1, #2, and #5* (alternate) - I don't offer these parts.

Some people do an alternate panel #5, a second hero panel, as seen in the hallway scene of Empire Strikes Back. You'll need a second set of hero panel greeblies for this, plus a second set of lights, and the alternate grill.

What paint colors should I use?

Colors seen in the build video above:

  • Rustoleum Soft Iron Flat for the frame
  • Rustoleum Universal Flat Antique Nickel Metallic Spray Paint and Primer for Han and Carbonite
  • Rustoleum Satin Metallic Aluminum for the hero pane

But please pick the colors you like; there's no right answer for this question.

Link to Apoxie Sculpt:

This is a two part epoxy clay used to patch holes and seams.

Link to Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive:

I use this to attach the Han parts to the box.

Han himself - I don't offer these parts

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