KQAF Event Registration - offsite - no housing

KQAF Event Registration - offsite - no housing

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  1. If you'd like to request a scholarship, and/or request a comp for cooking please click here and we'll contact you with discount information as we get more pledges.

  2. Pick your options from the dropdowns and check out.

  3. Put your order number on the hype sheet once you complete checkout.

  4. Go to kqhivemind and add your player details for tournament registration so Abby can make cool stuff happen

This listing is for people who are NOT staying at the venue. Please find you own housing elsewhere. If you're here by mistake and do want to stay on site, you should click here

Meal plan includes breakfasty-brunch in the morning and dinners on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Your registration helps cover venue rental, truck rental and related cab transport costs, insurance and fees, consumables, stream/tech needs, and more.

Your meal plan fee covers the cost of food as well as comps for your fellow bees who are cooking for you. Feel free to tip them extra on site!

If you'd like to chip in extra and/or volunteer your time to prep food, please let us know here.